Gas prices

Gas Prices Dropping!
I just filled up the tank this morning and paid $3.95 per gallon, but they say that gas prices are dropping. Sure the prices will drop, then they creep up on ya, drop again, then....go way the heck up again.
Gas Prices Down Slightly in Western New York
It’s become so common for gas prices to be close to $4 bucks a gallon that I barely notice anymore.  This morning though when I filled up I did notice the price has dipped a bit.  The price of gas in Western New York has dropped about two cents since last week.
Gas Prices Under $4 Per Gallon In Western New York
We’ve all been fed up with paying over 4 bucks a gallon at the pump right? It’s been ridiculous and so common place as of late that I barely noticed that the price at the pump had fallen to under 4 bucks a gallon.  I went to fill up at Sunoco on Saturday and was …

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