IRS Says Taxes Will Come Back To You During Shutdown
As the government shut down is on pace to become the longest in United States, history, your taxes WILL be coming back to you, which will relieve some pressure on the government.
Last year, the average check back home was $2,899 last year per person and that over 16 million people claim within the fi…
Senate Debate
A debate featuring the candidates for the 52nd District New York State Senate seat will be broadcast Thursday evening.
Republican Fred Akshar and Democrat Barbara Fiala discussed a range of issues during a session recorded Tuesday afternoon at the WBNG-TV studios in Johnson City...
Government Shutdown
As of 12:01 a.m. EST on Tuesday, the federal government closed down. Congressional leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate were unable to reach an agreement on a budget or a temporary fix, known as a continuing resolution, before the start of the new fiscal year on October 1.
Favorite First Ladies
Yesterday was President’s Day, so today let’s give equal time to the First Ladies. A National Public Opinion poll asked Americans who their favorite First Lady has been since 1974 and it wasn’t Michelle Obama.
Tied for first place, each with 19 percent …
The Government Can – Tim Hawkins [VIDEO]
Do you ever get angry with the way our government handles your hard-earned tax dollars? I know I do. If I had my way, I would cut off all foreign aid to all countries until we get our own financial mess straightened out. I am no financial expert, but I will bet you that I could put our country back …

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