Chloe Stirling is 11 years old and just loves baking. She loved baking so much that others began to pay her for her delicious work.

Chloe said:

It felt good because with all my money I could buy stuff I wanted and didn't have to wait until my birthday or Christmas.

She would use her mom's oven to help bake her $10/dozen cupcakes...until the Illinois Health Department came knocking on her door. Her business, which she has named "Hey Cupcake", has been forced to shut down until Chole buys a bakery or a separate kitchen from the one that is her family kitchen.

It bummed me out because I wanted to keep baking. I had a bunch of orders and they said I had to cancel them all.

But, her mom is hopefully going to have some talks with the state of Illinois. She's meeting with officials from the health department and the state attorney next week in hopes of finding a way to help Chloe re-open Hey Cupcake.

I get that the law's the law. But, who's the one to rat out a 11 year old anyway and tell state officials? Good golly.

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