You might be on the fence about it, but they will remember it forever.

I just read this story about how you shouldn't get your kids gifts on Valentine's Day.  In the post, the author says that Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday and because of that, getting gifts for your kids is just weird.

I'm here to say it's not.

You don't have to get a gift for anyone

The post mentions that you don't "have to get" your grown kids a Valentine's Day gift.  I think that is one of the biggest faults of this day.  You don't HAVE to get a gift for anyone.  The pressure that has been added to Valentine's Day has ruined the spirit of the day altogether.

The thought that if you don't get someone a gift or make some grand gesture to prove to them that you love them on this one day is what makes people hate it.

Valentine's Day is about love

According to, the day is to remember a saint who converted a family to Christianity after doing something (curing her from blindness) for the child of his captor.

"Saint Valentine was supposedly a Roman priest who performed secret weddings against the wishes of the authorities in the third century. Imprisoned in the home of a noble, he healed his captor’s blind daughter, causing the whole household to convert to Christianity and sealing his fate. Before being tortured and decapitated on February 14, he sent the girl a note signed “Your Valentine.”"

So the holiday was born from this saint who did something for a kid.

It's something they will remember forever

When you do things for your kids on Valentine's Day, they will probably remember it forever.  It doesn't have to be anything big.  It's just a gesture to remind them that you love them and you're thinking of them.

I remember when I was a kid (and still in high school), my mom made me some cherry turnovers and left them on the counter so that I'd have a treat when I came home.  I loved it and I never forgot that she did that for me.

So, do you have to do something for your kids on Valentine's Day?  Absolutely not.  But will they appreciate it if you do?  You can bet on it.  Everybody likes to get little treats now and then.

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