Greg Bates

Spring Show Pics
What an awesome show, huh? Three super-talented musicians all up on stage together with nothin' but a few guitars (and a fiddle for Maggie!) and some microphones.
So a young guy wants to ask a girl to the prom, but he's too shy to ask.  So what does he do?  He asks us to ask her.  We went one better.  We asked Greg Bates to do the asking.
Toby's Jeans
Last night (March 20) at the WYRK Spring Acoustic Show, Kip Moore, Greg Bates and Maggie Rose were kind enough to autograph Toby's Jeans.
Soundcheck Vid
Last night (March 20) was the latest installment of our Acoustic Concert Series at UB's Center for the Arts.  Once again, the depth of talent was obvious as all the other instruments and production elements were stripped away.
Greg Bates Interview [AUDIO]
Our next acoustic show is this Wednesday (March 20) at UB, and I got a call from one of the stars performing that night. Greg Bates is one of the newer stars that I am happy to say has stuck to a traditional country music sound. His hit "Did It For The Girl," has been a favorite fo…