Halftime show

Adam Levine Responds To Everyone Bashing Maroon 5
Going into the Super Bowl Maroon 5 already had a tremendous pressure surrounding the Colin Kaepernick saga and the pressure from fans to kneel or bail out of the halftime show. Apparently, numerous other acts passed on the opportunity to perform during the Super Bowl in support of Kaepernick...
Blake Shelton Coming To Do Superbowl Halftime Show?
Blake Shelton coming to the do the halftime show with his good buddy, Adam Levine, Maroon 5 frontman.
At first Clay and I thought that it would never happen because 'The Voice' is on channel 2 and the Superbowl is on 4, but if you're the NFL you can do whatever you want...
So who is Left Shark? He was able to grab the attentions of millions during his less than steller performance at the Super Bowl. Looks like ESPN got to the bottom of it!
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Wow the Crowd
Dear Whoever it is that schedules halftime shows at sports arenas across the country,
I would like to propose we use these guys from here on out.
Tuba Tumble
I'm not making fun of marching bands...I know it's incredibly hard and takes a lot of talent to pull off an amazing routine and play your instrument well. However, THIS is pretty funny!
Worst Half-time Show Ever?
Not really my cup of tea, as I am more of a rock and roll and country guy, but many people are saying that yesterdays Superbowl halftime show was one of the worst ever?  Different strokes for different folks I guess.
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