Invented In Hamburg, NY
Yep, the hamburger as we know it was invented right here in Western New York. Back in 1885 there were two guys who would always come up to the Erie County Fair (back in 1885 it was called the HAMBURG FAIR) and sell food.
They would sell pulled pork, but one day they ran out and instead used ground be…
WNY Origin Story
Where the hamburger got its name and where it originated was honestly a mystery to me until today!
You can't spell "hamburger" without Hamburg!  It's true.  The favorite American Classic food originated here in Western New York in 1885...
Hamburger Flip Phone
We played an all new game today! I found an item on Buffalo's Craigslist and asked you to guess what they were asking for it.  Simple as that!
Today's item was a Vintage Hamburger Flip Style Phone!
Dale’s Daily Data: Hamburger
We call it hamburger, but it doesn’t have any ham. How come? One version says a merchant from Hamburg, Germany on a trip to Asia noticed that nomads would store salt-cured meat under their saddles to soften it and often it would be ground to bits...