The water tower in Hamburg, NY has stood in the town for years.  Now, after a petition to give it a makeover, it will soon have a new look.

The petition started more than a year ago to give the tower a new look.  Based on the stats that the town brings in around $1.6 billion annually from tourism, the idea was that they should take the tower and really make it another thing for people to come to see.

Chris Hannotte petitioned the Hamburg Town Board and even proposed that it wouldn't come from the taxpayers at all.  They intended to fund the entire project through fundraising.

They surpassed their 1000 signature goal with 1,111 and went to the board.  Then, all that was left was to decide on a design.  So they headed back to the public to decide.

After multiple designs were received, they chose one by Dylan Cownie.

He tells WGRZ that it's a design that's been in the works for awhile now.

"It'd been something I'd been working on since March when they announced that they were ready to start accepting the designs," Cownie said. "And so it's been almost a year in the making, and you know, I really love hamburgers obviously, so this was an exciting project for me."

So when will we be able to see the project start?  As soon as there's money for it.  The fundraising is far from done but once the money is raised from the community, the work will begin.

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