Healing Song
It's easy to find the devastating photos and videos of the flooding and aftermath in Texas and Louisiana. Among those, are videos of good things that people are doing and helping to heal those involved or left displaced.
The Definition of Being an American in One Video
This guys says it perfectly in this video taken during rescue operations in Texas. Record rainfall. Uninhabitable land and loss of life are just a few of the headlines after Hurricane Harvey left devastation along the Texas coast. But there are stories like these that show what it means to come toge…
Cajun Navy Shot at in Texas by Looters [VIDEO]
Seriously? While many are trying to make it out safe and dry in the Houston area, others are shooting at the rescue personnel. I guess I was ignorant to the fact that looters and thieves are hard at work in the wake of the storm.
Texas Relief Show
Our hearts go out to those affected by the flooding after the storms in South Texas. Here is a great way to help The Red Cross assist people who are in need after the rains and winds left them with substantial damage. Join WYRK for a Texas Flood Relief Show, Tuesday evening at Sportsmen's Taver…
Buffalo Aid to Texas
The pictures are devastating. The rain continues to fall over south Texas and specifically, Houston. We spoke with the people from The American Red Cross - Buffalo office about how they are aiding in relief and how you can help as well.
Live Rescue
Amazing!! The storm is still churning in South Texas and as the stories about survival and rescue are still being told, some of the reporters are evening moving in to action.
Here’s How They Kayak In Texas [VIDEO]
My son Tyler and I love the outdoors: fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, etc. So what's next for us? Kayaking! We've been doing our research and I think next Spring there will be a couple Kayaks at our house.  Recently, I met a guy from Texas who has just relocated to Buffalo...

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