Kayakers Missing
The Coast Guard is still looking for two kayakers from Ohio after the pair went missing Tuesday night.
The kayakers, who have been identified as 27-year-old Nicole Launert and 30-year-old Mike Smith, were last seen at their boat launch in Lorain, Ohio around 6:30 pm...
Hit The Slopes
I know with the X-Games you can get into some pretty extreme and crazy altered sports...and this is one of them. LOL. It seems like one of those "hold my beer" moments, but I bet this takes some skill and a lot of guts. What do you think...
Hilarious Kayak Fail
There is a billboard on the 190 advising people to never kayak alone! That is obviously a smart move and while it may be for safety reasons... it's also because if you're alone who will record your melt down? LOL
Totally Adorable
Well if this isn't just adorable!!! This sea lion pup is learning early on that his adorableness will get him EVERYWHERE. He hops on the Gist's kayak in Santa Barbra harbor and the rest is just everyone glued to their computers watching it!
"He started nuzzling up to me being reall…