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'I Love Kellie Picker'
I remember watching Kellie Pickler on American Idol and thinking this girl is funny, she needs her own show. Well it's been a few years but finally a Kellie Pickler reality series is coming to life.
Get ready for Kellie new series 'I Love Kellie Pickler' on CMT November 4th...
Pickler's Gift
Last Friday's Celebration of Hope was not only entertaining, but it was inspiring at the same time. Families and survivors came together with staff and volunteers and friends from Roswell Park to show their support in the fight against cancer. One moment sticks out as the most memorable...
Kellie Pickler at UB
Kellie Pickler came out to the University at Buffalo to join Roswell Park for the Celebration of Hope, a rally against cancer and celebration of the survivors, patients and heroes fighting against cancer every day. The evening included family-friendly activities as well as presentations.
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] Kellie Pickler New Song — Feeling Tonight
Kellie Pickler has a brand new project in the works and she's released her brand new song called 'Feeling Tonight'!
New Kellie Pickler song -- Feeling Tonight
I fast sleep lost you in a dream
Oh I'm still awake thinking of men,
and if I'll show up, yeah I'll ever show up
Would it be alright fast settling…
Kellie Is Coming
It's one of the most inspiring and exciting events of the year! The Ride For Roswell is back and this year they have added some great entertainment to get the weekend started!

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