Lake Erie

A Trip Through The Welland Canal [VIDEO]
When I look back on my childhood memories, one of the things that sticks out are the Sunday drives that my father took us on. One of our favorite destinations was the Welland Canal in Ontario. The Welland Canal connects Lake Erie with Lake Ontario...
Debbie La Mond Goes Fishing [VIDEO]
Maybe you have heard that new song "Fish" by Craig Campbell where he sings about how his baby loves to fish. Well, my wife Debbie loves to fish. On September 10th, 2011, she went fishing with her boss Wayne Ledford and his father in Lake Erie between Buffalo and Fort Erie, Canada...
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing [VIDEO]
Have you ever tasted some Lake Erie Walleye? They're pretty darn delicious! Most of the ones I have eaten were either bought at a restaurant or at a fish market. Here's a video of some guys in Ohio catching some of their own on Lake Erie.
UFO Lights Over Lake Erie? [VIDEO]
How do you feel about UFO's? Yes, Unidentified Flying Objects.  Do you think they really exist?  Maybe you do believe in UFO's but only for the fact that they are normal things in the sky that just haven't been identified properly. An Ohio man is said to have what some say is the best film of an actual UFO flying over Lake Erie.