The snow is still falling and the wind still blowing in portions of New York State. The National Weather Service office in Buffalo indicates that there are some who are seeing snowfall rates at 1-2 inches per hour in persistent lake effect bands.

The snow is one thing. The bitter wind chills are another. As the state woke up on Sunday, many were without power and the playoff game scheduled for Sunday in Buffalo was moved to Monday afternoon.

But the snow is still going fly for most of the day as the lake temperatures make for the ideal conditions for the storm clouds to build. The National Weather Service posted a detailed map of what to expect.

New York State is not only monitoring the weather conditions, they are also making sure that businesses and stores are playing nice with their customers.

In an email sent out from New York State, the Attorney General warned that:

New York law prohibits businesses from taking unfair advantage of consumers by selling goods or services that are vital to health, safety, or welfare for an unconscionably excessive price during emergencies. The price gouging statute covers New York state vendors, retailers, and suppliers, and includes essential goods and services that are necessary for the health, safety, and welfare of consumers or the general public. These goods and services include food, water, gasoline, generators, batteries, flashlights, hotel lodging, and transportation options.

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