Obama's Patriots Jokes
I'm sure Buffalo Bills fans liked President Obama's deflated football joke a little bit more than the New England Patriots did.
Every year the team that wins the Super Bowl will visit with the President at the White House and Obama has had the pleasure to host the New England Patriots a few…
Michelle Obama is the hot topic on twitter from elementary through high school kids because of her initiative to get them 'healthier' foods.
Maybe the kids would appreciate it a little more if they knew exactly what "this mush" and "this ball of something"…
Obama + Willie Duet!
Last week, President Obama joined country legend Willie Nelson on stage for an all-star version of Nelson's hit 'On the Road Again.' Instead of just introducing the singer, Obama stayed to sing.
Watch American fighters picking off ISIS one by one!!!
The United States and five Arab nations struck multiple ISIS targets in Syria using fighter jets, bombers and Tomahawk missiles on Monday. According to the NY Post:
The U.S. and Arab allies launched what leaders declared would be a long and sustained military assault against Islamic State strongholds…
Promise To WNy Man!
This is why America is the greatest country in the entire world.
Now, whether or not you like President Obama, you can't deny that his move here was over-the-top humbling, classy and just plain cool.
Army Pfc. Collin O’Donnell's birthday was September 4 and he was in the hosp…

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