I'm sure Buffalo Bills fans liked President Obama's deflated football joke a little bit more than the New England Patriots did.

Every year the team that wins the Super Bowl will visit with the President at the White House and Obama has had the pleasure to host the New England Patriots a few times now during his presidency.

On Thursday, Obama said:

I usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events, but with the Patriots in town I was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat".

Uncomfortable laughter and groans from the Patriots players and coaches came from behind him. He then went on to joke about Western New York native and Patriots' star, Rob Gronkowski keeping his shirt on, referring to his crazy, usually out-of-control antics.

Check out some of the funniest moments from President Barack Obama's press conference with the Patriots' during New England's visit to the White House -- including a solid deflated football zinger.