Combined Effort
A few weeks ago, Amazon announced that they were going to open up a secondary headquarters. Now Canada has gotten creative to get a piece of the $5 billion HQ2.
He Added More Shows!
One thing is for sure.  Garth Brooks has a way of putting people in seats when he comes in concert!  He announced a new show in Hamilton, ON on March 26th for his first time in over 19 years.  Those tickets went on sale this morning.  It's selling so well, they've added three more dates!
Two Steppin’ Like A Boss [VIDEO]
My friend Brittney lives in Canada. She loves to sing, play guitar, and perform. And, she loves her country music. Recently she was learning how to two step at the Stampede Corral in Kitchener, Ontario. This is a video of Brittney and her friend Tyler learning how to two step...
The Greatest Anti-Retirement Video Of All Time [VIDEO]
Have you ever visited the city of Mississauga, Ontario? Mississauga is run by 88 year old Mayor Hazel McCallion. Hazel has been the mayor of this Canadian city for 30 years and she has no intention of retiring. And why should she? The city has been debt-free for years thanks to Mayor McCallion...