Peace Bridge

Tolls Going Up
Soon, drivers are going to have to cough up some more money when they want to cross the Peace Bridge into Canada. The toll will go to $3.75 starting in the beginning of 2018. In addition, everyone with an E-Z pass will  be lose their 10% discount, as well. The mone...
WNY Paid Too Much?
The Peace Bridge has seen a new 'lighting' makeover. The lighting that is underneath the bridge gives it a cool effect that changes with different themes around Buffalo or with the seasons. But, is it necessary to spend so much money on lighting that goes underneath the bridge and doesn't necessarily effect driving on the bridge...
Man May Get Jail Time For Doing Something Rob Did Too
One day I was going to help one of our new employees here move into their house, which was off Niagara Street in Buffalo -- not too far from the Peace Bridge. I was well on my way until I made a wrong turn onto a one-way street that, of course, led me to the Peace Bridge.
New Peace Bridge ‘No Idling’ Policy
I’m getting ready to head in to Canada to drive home to Michigan for my dad’s 80th Birthday party tomorrow.  I would normally take the rainbow bridge but because I’m leaving from work it looks like it will be the peace bridge.  Have you heard about the peace bridges new ‘no idling’ policy? Under the policy, any vehicle that stops on one of the plazas (U.S and Canadian plazas) for shopping at the d
Peace Bridge Expansion Almost Underway
After more than 10 years of debate the Peace Bridge expansion project may finally be getting off the ground. It calls for a larger Customs plaza on this side of the border. The problem has been the acquisition of 8 homes next to the Peace Bridge property. Seven homes have been acquired and crews are ready to demolish them. Preservation groups want to somehow save one of the houses – the Wilkes