Taylor Swift Wins Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award
There is nothing that Taylor Swift can't do. The much-decorated, country-pop crossover queen writes hit songs. She acts. She has her own branded line of sneakers. She makes perfumes. She collects awards across all fields. And now, the 'Red' singer was honored with the Fragrance Celebr…
Taylor Swift Talks Wonderstruck!! [ VIDEO]
Taylor Swift recently posted a video on Youtube where she talks a little bit about her new fragrance called Wonderstruck! Swift explains where the idea for the scent came from.  Be expecting a song about it...LOL....Just kidding.  The good thing is that the video is short and sweet.  …
Simpson Getting The Last Laugh??
Jessica Simpson is not only rich...she is LOADED! Check out how much she has made on her product lines.  She has been the butt of many jokes and I have to admit that we even have poked some fun at her on our show.