Marvel's Dan Buckley On Succeeding Through Diversity
Marvel publisher Dan Buckley gave a three-part interview with comic industry blog ICv2 this week in which he discussed the company's performance in 2014 and its strategies for the year ahead. The interview ranged across digital sales, graphic novel sales, and the impact of the Marvel movies on …
What's Your Score?
The BBC put together a list of 100 books that they would consider classics. They went so far as to say that they think you've only read six of the books from this list.
Brett Goes Back To Kindergarten For A Day
This week I got to do something that not every parent gets to do for their kids.  I got to read to my son's kindergarten class.  I don't get to read to my kids all that often before bed so this was a huge treat.  Not only do I get to read to my son, but I get to do it in fro…