They Did Anyway
They were told it was illegal to pray before games.  They were told that it would violate rights to do something that they had done since 1930.  A moment of silence was going to  replace their pre-game ritual of prayer.  They had a different plan.
Pope John Paul II Will Be Named a Saint
Pope John Paul II, who headed the Catholic Church from 1978 through his death in 2005, will soon officially become a saint.
The sainthood was expected for the widely beloved pope, for whom thousands of Catholics chanted "Santo subito" ("Sainthood now”)…
JoAnn Talks About Religion And The Devil [VIDEO]
We are half-way to the weekend and if your week is going slow, you may need a few laughs. No problem. I have a video that will probably make you smile.
JoAnn from Bensonhurst is back with another entertaining segment. This time out, JoAnn answers your questions about religion and the devil...