They were told it was illegal to pray before games.  They were told that it would violate rights to do something that they had done since 1930.  A moment of silence was going to  replace their pre-game ritual of prayer.  They had a different plan.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) along with the Freedom From Religion Foundation brought about a ban of pre-game prayer after they wrote the Oneida Special School District a scathing letter complaining about school-sanctioned prayers over the loud-speaker at the games.

It's something they've done since 1930.

The school district decided that as long as no one was complaining locally about their tradition that it would continue.  However, on their second home game of the year the school felt the pressure from outside groups to end that tradition.  It would be replaced instead by a moment of silence.

However, what they did with that moment of silence was up to them and the cheerleaders took it upon themselves to do what they felt was right.


I cannot applaud them enough.  One of the reasons our forefathers came to this country was for religious freedom - to have the freedom to worship in the way that we see fit.

I agree that no one should have religion jammed down their throat but if someone should choose to pray, they should have that right too.  I'm sure there will be someone that will argue that if someone doesn't believe in the Christian faith that they shouldn't have to sit through prayer in public.  That's fine.  Don't pray.  It's called tolerance.  Would I feel this way if someone was Jewish, Muslim, or any other religion?  Absolutely.

You cannot take away someone's faith.  These young ladies proved that.

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