The Buffalo Bills will be facing some very familiar faces this Sunday when the Giants come to town.  Now, it's possible that one of the most controversial is coming back.

It's the Bills vs. the former Bills this week

The Buffalo Bills will be facing the New York Giants at Highmark Stadium this Sunday.  It's a team that many of the players and coaches know very well, mostly because many of the Giants used to be Bills.

How many former Bills will be returning

The Bills lost their offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll at the beginning of last season when he took a head coaching job in New York.  They also lost their assistant general manager Joe Shoen.  As it often goes, they then hired players that they knew and loved from their time in Buffalo.  Some of the names include Tyrod Taylor, Isaiah Hodges, Boogie Basham, Matt Breida, and now (possibly) Cole Beasley.

Beasley has been designated to return from IR to the practice squad this week just in time to possibly face off against the Bills

What does his designation mean?

There are a ton of designations in the NFL these days.  It used to be that once you were placed on IR, you were out for the season.  However, now, you can come back after 4 games.  Beasley was lifted to the practice squad though, and not to the 53-man roster, yet.  So if the Giants decide that they want him to play this week, they will have to elevate him from the practice squad to the active 53-man roster before the game.

Why is Cole Beasley controversial?

Beasley has been considered controversial over the last couple of years for multiple reasons.  When he left Dallas to come to Buffalo he was saying how much better it was in Buffalo and it didn't set right with Cowboys fans.  When he was in Buffalo, he was outspoken about the vaccination and how he was adamantly against it.  He left Buffalo to play in Tampa Bay and realized that he just wasn't happy playing there.  So he retired.  Then he came out of retirement to come back to the Bills.  He was praising Aaron Rogers at the end of last year and saying how much he loved playing for Dak Prescott which Bills fans took exception to.

He's just never been afraid to say what's on his mind.  And some people have had a problem with it.

Will we see Cole Beasley when the Giants come to town?

It's possible that we might see Beasley on Sunday night.  We will have to wait until closer to the weekend to see what they decide to do with him, but we could see him on the other side of the field.

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