Multiple Child Car Seat Safety Checks This Week
It's National Seat Check Week! With multiple car seat safety check stops happening, there shouldn't be any excuses for incorrectly having your child(s) car seats installed correctly. Check out where you can make a quick stop and make sure you're good to go!
Summer Tips
As temperatures begin to rise, your dogs are going to be outside a whole lot more.  While it can be fun for them to get a lot more fresh air, there are also some things you need to remember to keep them safe.
Avoid a Ticket
Kayaking has become incredibly popular in Buffalo. With the expansion of activity on the waterfront, people are hitting the water to keep cool and see the city from a different angle. But know the rules before you get into any watercraft.
In the Heat, Check the Seat – Protect Kids, Pets in WNY
On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside of a parked car can be as high as 100-120 degrees. On a 90-degree day, the temperature inside of a parked car reaches up to 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes.
William Mattar Law Offices is focused on raising awareness of infant and animal deaths from heat …
Buffalo's Safest Neighborhoods
Sometimes Buffalo, NY, receives a bad reputation as being dangerous. A couple weeks back we went over Buffalo's most dangerous neighborhoods with you, according to Neighborhood Scout. Buffalo as a whole has a crime rate of 3 with a national median of 3...

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