Would You Ever Ride In This Taxi? [VIDEO]
Well now this is one way to get around town! Not sure I would be game for long distance travel, but maybe down the street. Can you imagine going from the 190 South to the 90 E on this get-up?!?! No thank you!  
Woman Holds On For Life When Trapped On Opening Drawbridge
Well, this doesn't happen everyday. A 55 year old woman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida had a tiny problem on her hand when she strolled on a non-pedestrian drawbridge this past weekend and it started to open as she walked across. She help on to one of the sides as it raised her up in the air about 22 feet in the air frantically waiting to be rescued and  onlookers called 911. Th...
Scariest Job?
There is a lot of truth to the idea that there are different jobs for different people everywhere.  I witnessed one of those jobs today.  It was time for our windows to get washed here at the Rand Building.  So how do they get the ones on the upper floors?
Insane Elevator Ghost Prank [VIDEO]
A couple weeks ago, I posted a video about an elevator prank that would give most people a heart attack.  I think that I found one today that has topped that video.  I cannot imagine the fear that these people felt as the lights went out.
10 Sketchy Easter Bunnies
They might seem cute, fuzzy and fake in the eyes of someone with a college education and an unpaid mortgage, but Easter terrors are clearly harboring some kind of evil that only children can smell. The blog, Sketchy Bunnies, has been compiling the worst wabbits ever to grace the pages of a family’s photo album. These are the sketchiest of the sketchy.
The Scariest Jobs! polled a number of people, asking them what they felt was the scariest job to have.  Some of these may surprise you!!  Here are the Top 15.......