Up to 8" Of Snow Is Expected Today + When Is It Going To End
Snow is on the way....again! The snow will be heaviest later this afternoon. Expect the ride home to extremely slow again.
But, don't think that the end is in sight. Although, the groundhog called for an early Spring, it looks like we have a couple more weeks of uneasy weather and potential snow…
Guy Uses His Toddler As A Human Snowbrush LOL
What? Is this guy in Buffalo? Everyone has their own tactic brushing off the snow. Most use a snow brush, some use their glove, some use a broom....but this guy, this guy uses his toddler.
It was snowing pretty good outside and used his kid as a snow brush...
Should Buffalo Get A New Word For 'Storm'?
We live in Buffalo and when you hear a storm is coming and it is hyped up to be something big enough that we need to prepare for, you think the worst: driving ban, you can't see down the street, you can't physically leave for work, etc.
This past weekend certainly wasn't a "st…
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let's Make Snow?
It's that time of the year. Where every day you know it could be there, you know it could show up, but it hasn't. Yet.
Ready or not, as Ned Stark was fond of saying, "Winter's Coming." Even though the weather forecasters can't tell you exactly when, we …

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