Tuesday and Wednesday will see less than ideal weather across New York State, and really for the entire Great Lakes and northeast region.

A High Wind Warning is in effect for many parts of New York, with wind gusts reaching well north of 60 mph in some counties. There was a 74 mph wind gusts detected in Dunkirk, New York, which is right at the start of hurricane force winds.

The high winds will last into Wednesday and that's not all. We're also dealing with a soaking rain and snow, depending on where you are.

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For those off Lake Ontario, there's a new weather alert that people must be aware of.

There's a Winter Weather Advisory in place for counties west of Lake Ontario until 1 am on Wednesday morning. 3-6 inches of snow will fall between now and then, with 60 mph wind gusts.

This will make travel extremely difficult with the reduces visibility and drifting snow.

These high winds will last until Wednesday morning, when they will slowly die down. However, it should stay relatively windy through the weekend, with significant snow possible for Friday into Sunday.

Buffalo, for example, is likely to see measurable snow this weekend with winds 25-35 mph. That will create bad driving conditions and that's also when the Buffalo Bills host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC wild card playoff round (Sunday afternoon).

There's even more snow possible for next week. After a dry and warm spell in December, it appears that January will be all we can handle for snow, rain and wind.

Stay safe.

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