Need Tools For Your Home Project? Borrow Them From The Buffalo Tool Library
I think that this is one of the greatest ideas in a long time. The Tool Library is exactly what it sounds like, if you need a tool, you can borrow it--just as you would like a book at the library. You know, too--life is so much easier when you have the right tools and an initiative like this promotes home improvement projects and fixing up neighborhoods in Buffalo communities...
Tools For Life
Today my son turned 10. This year, I got him tools. He got real grown up person tools.  He got a 16 ounce hammer, a couple screwdrivers, pliers, the whole thing.  He even got a bag to carry them in.  It’s what he asked me to get him and I did, but I couldn’t help but think that they were really just a symbol for what I really want him to have.
7 Items Must Have Kitchen Gadgets
I like to cook and consider myself competent in the kitchen. I've been cooking healthier in the past year and that means using foods and methods that haven't been used in the past. I now have go-to items that I use almost on a daily basis and don't think I could go without...