I like to cook and consider myself competent in the kitchen. I've been cooking healthier in the past year and that means using foods and methods that haven't been used in the past. I now have go-to items that I use almost on a daily basis and don't think I could go without! So, I thought I would put together a list of gadgets that you will always find in my kitchen. Enjoy!


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    A Good Set Of Whisks

    I have two whisks in my kitchen so I know one is always ready to be used. From breakfasts to salad dressings and sauces, nothing will compare to a good solid whisk to get the job done right.

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    A Stainless Steel Colander

    I don't know how many times during the week I have to pull out this item. Growing up we had a plastic one and for some reason it freaked me out. The chances of it melting or it never be clean enough...not sure, but for me stainless steel is the way to go.

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    Kitchen Tongs

    I used to only think tongs were only for the grill. We didn't have solid tongs when I was little, we had salad tongs. Then I went into our neighbors kitchen, now full disclosure - he is very prestigious chef, and the amount of tongs they had in their kitchen.  He used them for everything! I have four sets of tongs in the kitchen. Three different sizes for the kitchen and one set for the grill.

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    Shovel Tool

    I was against this when I first saw it, I thought it was a space waster. Now I used it every time i'm chopping, dicing or cutting anything. All the onions you just chopped can be transferred in two scoops and you're not using the sharp knife to try and get the last little bit off the board. This is also a great tool to clean up all of you scraps!

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    I picked this gadget up in the mall a couple years ago. It's one of the "As Seen On TV" items that has worked out for the best! I typically use it for zucchini noodles, but the options are endless. It works a lot better that trying to use a julienne peeler!

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    Meat Shredder Claws

    These are amazing! If you've ever has to shred meat for anything (pulled pork, chicken) with forks or your hands you know what a chore that could be. These are amazing and so easy! Your hands never have to touch the meat during the shredding process. (Then you can use your scooper shovel to move them back into the dish).

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    Cool Ice Cube Makers

    These are just for fun and that's exactly what they are! I will say though they are pretty functional! This keeps your ice...ice longer. Great for your summer beverages!