Train Hits Truck
Wow, that was scary.
This dash camera video from the North Salt Lake Police Department shows a FrontRunner train tearing through a FedEx truck. A human error caused no warning lights to flash and the crossing arms were raised at the time, according to the Utah Transit Authority...
Woah! Father Uses Truck To Stop Car Chase Near Kids [VIDEO]
Imagine your kids are playing in Delaware Park and then all of the sudden a car comes our of nowhere driving right past you on the grass.
This man intentionally rammed his truck into car on a police chase which went through a park in Syracuse, Utah nearly hitting several children...
Top 5 Trucker Songs
It's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Now, through the 20th, we honor and recognize the men and women who keep the United States (and the world) on the move. It's a job that isn't for everyone. Often these hard working people leave home for days/weeks and for pay that seems to be harder to c…

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