3 Facts About St. Patrick That Have Me Absolutely Mind Blown
"Ya think you know a guy"
As Timone from the Lion King says when talking about Simba, some people just throw you a curve ball.
St. Patrick. The man, the myth, the legend that we celebrate for an entire day here in America, has a few things about him that will really just blow your mi…
Miranda Lambert Dumps A Salad On Lady After Argument
Maybe they had it coming to them. A guy was beefing with Miranda Lambert and her crew after a night out at a Steakhouse in Nashville on Sunday.
Miranda Lambert was out to dinner with her mom and a family friend and when Miranda's male family-friend went to the bathroom, a guy star…
The Delta Sonic In Lancaster Will Be Done Later This Year
A new Delta Sonic is coming to Lancaster! The closest locations to Lancaster right now are the Walden Ave. in Cheektowaga or at the 5 corners in Orchard Park.
Now, the new Lancaster Delta Sonic will be located at right next to Kohl's at 4817 Transit Road, near Jessica Lane. In fact,