Nope! This contest is one that you won't find me a part of.

Six Flags St. Louis, Missouri has a new promotion/contest going on for the fall and Halloween season. According to Metro News:

The 30-hour Coffin Challenge marks 30 years of its Fright Fest Halloween festivities.  The challenge will have six contestants closed inside "slightly used" 2-foot-by-7-foot coffins from 1 pm to 7 pm on October 14th.  A six-minute bathroom break will be allowed each hour and each participant will be allowed to have a friend with them, who will remain outside of the coffin.  One overall winner who lasts the 30 hours will receive a 300-dollar prize.

I have a bad case of claustrophobia. It's not the fact of being in a coffin while I am alive that has me cringing. It's being in a box that is just barely bigger than my body for 30 hours that freaks me out.

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