May I present for your consideration, this entry into your Thanksgiving nightmares.

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It's lauded as the "Tallest Apple Pie" as if that's a good thing. And I can't help but wonder if this is the Food Network just trying to be nice?

I'm imaging a Zoom call between two content editors, and one --who's super-polite, just can't bring herself to articulate what a true abomination this is-- says the only thing she can:

"Well, it's TALL?"

The other editor [in my mind, still]:


I look at this and think of all the apples someone's mom picked because the kid wanted to go to the U-Pick soooooo bad, and she didn't realize you had to buy half the orchard to get a reserved time.

This pie reeks of desperation; the willingness to sacrifice all those apples just to regain your pantry space -- and your sanity.

On Twitter, it got some reactions:

Hope you're happy America, 2020 has now ruined Apple Pie. Clearly, these are End Times.

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