It never fails, you go to Target for one specific item and come out with at least five things. You can never seem to get out of Target for less than $50. Well, Target is now rolling out a new feature that might be able to help you curb your problem. By the holidays half of the Target stores in the country will have "GPS for your shopping cart"!

Target plans on using bluetooth technology to help you navigate the store with more ease. With this extra feature on the Target app you will be able to build your shopping list and then by clicking on item go directly to the aisle it's in. On this GPS feature you will be able to see exactly where you are in the store and where the things you're looking for are. The new feature will also merge with the Cartwheel app and show you all the deals you're passing! So start ringing you the savings!

If you're thinking,"I've been in Target and I can barely use my is this going to work?" That's where the bluetooth technology comes in. Target is installing new LED lights in their store that will have the the bluetooth beacons embedded in them.

We'll have to see when it launches in WNY. Hopefully the stores in the area have them technology before the holidays!

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