The Pegula's will introduce the 20th head coach of the Buffalo Bills today at New Era Field at twoo'clock, but will not be taking any questions afterwards. Instead, they will leave Sean McDermott to do so, himself.

In weeks after Rex Ryan's firing and Doug Whaley's less-than-impressive end-of-year press conference, fans and media have dubbed the Bills organization as "dysfunctional" and Terry Pegula is not happy about it.

I know how I run my life, run our business. I know how we treat people, and I know the people we have in our organization, you can't pin 17 years on the Pegulas. We've been around for X-number of years. There's no foundation, no truth to this dysfunctional talk. I consider it an insult to our organization and the Bills and the good people with the Sabres."

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