We all know the classic 12 Days of Christmas song, counting down how much your true love is handing over to you over the holiday! Well, that's out because we need to make room for a WNY Christmas, not that getting swans-a-swimming wouldn't be nice. Clay, Brett and I re-wrote the 12 Days of Christmas with your help to fit Buffalo and the song is awesome!

After getting some positive reviews we decided that a music video was in order so we could spread the Christmas cheer everywhere! So here it is, The 12 Days of Buffalo Christmas music video!

Here are Clay and Liz's 12 Days of Buffalo Christmas 

Day 1: Some sort of championship ring

Day 2: Taste of Country Tickets

Day 3: Three Double Doubles

Day 4: Four Hour Tailgates

Day 5: Five Bar Bill Wings

Day 6: Six pack of Blue Light

Day 7: Seven Sahlen’s Hot Dogs

Day 8: Eight Maids of Mist Rides

Day 9: Nine Is Jack Eichel

Day 10: 10 Mighty Tacos

Day 11: 11 Plows a Plowin’

Day 12: 12 Paula’s Donuts

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