There are two types of people. Those who know how to cut a bagel properly and everyone else.

A company in St Louis has caused a bagel debate after showing a picture of a bagel being sliced like a loaf of bread!

According to Metro Source News:

The NYPD was flooded with messages about the "crime" being committed.  NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea thanked New Yorkers for reporting "this crime," but said New York's Finest only serve the city "where this would NEVER happen."

Even the animal advocacy group PETA called out the sliced bagels, writing on Twitter -- "just, no."

Who is right on this one? Should a bagel be sliced more than once? Either way, there should never be a time when you eat a bagel dry! There has to be butter or cream cheese or some other spread on top!

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