Vaping Shops Increase In Popularity Across The UK
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The legislation was signed last July, but the actual change will happen next week.  Starting November 13th, you will now need to be 21 to buy tobacco products and e-cigs in New York state.

The age to buy tobacco products and e-cigs currently sits at 18 right now.  But on November 13th, that's going to change as it's raised to 21.

Governor Cuomo says that there is a simple goal for the law to change:

"The goal of this law is simple – to prevent cigarettes and vaping products from getting into the hands of our youth, creating an addiction to a deadly habit,” Cuomo said. “We are taking aggressive action to make sure the decades of progress we’ve made to combat tobacco addiction is not undone by a sharp rise in e-cigarette use among younger New Yorkers.”

According to WIVB, the use of cigarettes is at an all time low for high schoolers.  It's down to 4.3% as of 2016.  It was as high as 27.1 percent in 2000.

However, the use of e-cigarettes is up with the NYS Department of Health showing 40 percent of 12th graders and 27 percent of high schoolers in general using them.

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