How many times have you heard people say that there is"nothing to do in Buffalo?" It seems that the people who say that need some crazy form of entertainment to keep them happy. I guess I have my mother and father to thank for the fact that I enjoy things a little more "simple" for lack of a better word. When we were kids, it was a big deal for us to all load up in the "K" car and either head to a local park like Sprague Brook or head to the waterfront in Buffalo. When I say big deal, I mean that it would be an entire day full of fun that basically cost mom and dad very little. I grew up in a family of 5 kids so saving money was key.

I also have my parents to thanks for opening my eyes to the many amazing things that our area has to offer. One of my favorite places to go to this day during the summer is the Waterfront! This past week my girlfriend Nikki and I took a ride downtown after dinner and spent the evening walking along the lake front. There is so much to see! The best part is that it is free for the most part. (There are fees for some things such asThe Buffalo Naval Park. We were there after hours so we could only look from the outside but they do offer tours! There is also the Miss Buffalo. Another in expensive way to enjoy Lake Erie!  The only thing that cost me anything was the ice cream we had at the Hatch! (big spender huh?)

But in all sincerity, it was a great date! Where else can you go and get such great scenery and history and exercise?  I highly suggest it for a date or for a family outing. Bring some lawn chairs and a cooler and have a picnic! Pick the right time and stay for the sunset! Don't forget your camera! There are lots of geese and ducks and birds and ships to take pictures of! (Not to mention the lighthouse!)Catch the right night and there is live music and even karaoke!

We only get so many perfect days in terms of weather in Buffalo. Take advantage of something that most cities around our country can only dream to have! A beautiful, safe and affordable waterfront for families to enjoy!