This could be the best deal on a cookie you will see you in a long time!

This week marks the return of the smile cookie at participating Tim Horton's in the Buffalo and Western New York area. For the next week, purchase a cookie for just a dollar plus tax at participating Tim Horton's and a portion of the proceeds will benefit various local charities in the area.


ECMC is one of the places that will be the recipient of some of the proceeds from the sale of the smile cookie this week. As he only level one adult trauma center here in Buffalo, ECMC is a vital part of our community.

The front-line workers at ECMC not only have been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic over the last 19 or 20 months, but they continue to treat patients who arrive on a daily basis with some sort of trauma after an accident.

The staff, volunteers, nurses and doctors at ECMC go above and beyond on a regular basis to save lives. And just spending one dollar on a cookie not only Will bring a smile to your face, it will also help to save lives moving forward here in Buffalo.

Make sure to stop by participating Tim Horton's before September 19 and purchase your one dollar smile cookie to benefit ECMC Western New York so only level one adult trauma center.

Last year, we mentioned this once on the radio and our kids "demanded" that we get 5 of them! Parents, let this be a warning to you that you may have a hard time passing the next Tim Horton's this week!!

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