Camping has gotten very popular since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Families are choosing to either stay close to home or return to the outdoors to get more space away from others.

There has been a shortage on many things because of the supply chain as a result of COVID-19. But one other surprising shortage is the shortage on campers and RVs that are available to purchase. In addition to that, there is also a shortage of available camping places and sites around the region.

We went shopping for an RV with our family recently and our three-year-old son, who is currently potty training, decided to use the bathroom in the back of a camper on the showroom floor! I was proud that he decided to use the bathroom properly. However that particular bathroom was brand new and not even hooked up to the proper outlets or drainage. While I was on my hands and knees cleaning up after him, both grumbling and laughing about what just happened, it occurred to me that camping may be the perfect thing for us and this may have been a sign.

We chose a, preowned, 17 foot camper, that is a perfect starter camper for our family and I can’t wait to get into some sites and travel with the family soon.

Here is a list of some places around Western New York that either rent or sell RVs and campers that are either new or used. Don’t wait too long because The market for these things is pretty hot. As a matter of fact the places we went to to look for our RV were crowded with shoppers and definitely buzzing with business.

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