It had to of been one of the most exciting moments of the summer so far. Watching the Blue Angels NAVY flight demo team fly over the city of Buffalo and along the Buffalo waterfront was absolutely incredible for just about anyone on the ground. But what did it look like from above at High speeds and a vantage point from the cockpit?

The Blue Angels have released a video highlighting some of the big moments from the airshow in Buffalo a few weeks ago. It was so cool to see that even some other media outlets from across the country picked up this video and shared it on their social media like Instagram.

We took our boys to see the practice near Hamburg. And although the angels did not fly directly overhead we had a great view of them and were able to hear them perfectly from where we were in a parking lot just south of Buffalo.

My brother is a marine who retired a few years ago after working on aircraft carriers. I guess perhaps because I’ve always looked up to him and been so mesmerized by his career, that I have a huge interest in these beautiful planes!  Our family had other plans and could not make it to the Buffalo waterfront airshow but thanks to videos like this and some great pictures from listeners and others who were at the show, I feel like this is the next best thing.

If the Blue Angels ever come back or if there was another airshow like this, you can bet our family will be ready to get tickets and be a part of the fun! Also, how amazing does Buffalo look this time of the year from this vantage point? We are so lucky to have such a beautiful waterfront and a city on the move that even the blue angels pilots were proud to share their experience

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