It looks as though the Blue Jays were happy with their short stay in Buffalo last season.  They're looking into the possibility of playing here again this summer.

Last year, you may remember, COVID almost put a damper on baseball season.  It was non-existent all spring and summer as we were still trying to do our best to avoid spreading the virus.  But when they did finally come up with a plan to start the season, the Blue Jays found themselves in a strange position.  Considering that they are based in Toronto and the borders were closed, if they wanted to take part in the 2020 season, they would have to stay in the United States.  They would not be permitted to travel across the border and then back home.  It could have brought the virus back and forth between the two countries.

So what do they do?

They began looking for clubs here in the U.S. that could host their home games.  After trying Pittsburgh, they ended up here in Buffalo.  They paid for some major upgrades to the stadium, put a new coat of paint on some of it and really made it their own.  And from the looks of things, they were pretty comfortable here because they're looking into the possibility of coming back again this summer.

According to WIVB, they are still keeping their options open.  They would obviously prefer to play in Toronto but if that is shut down again this year, they are considering coming back here to Buffalo, or to a city in Florida called Dunedin.


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