The Olympics have finally arrived, and with that comes my obsession with them. Clay and Dale were nice enough to give in when I practically forced them to share my love of all things Olympics and try out some of the sports that you'll see this year in Sochi.

The Winter Olympics, like the Summer games, is full of sports that you really only get to see every four years. And I love that the area we live in is rich with some of those unique sports! It’s not in every state that you can do some of the cool things that we can do in WNY.

Our next venture into the sports of the Winter Olympics -- speedskating! Soon the big names will be Apolo Anton Ohno, Shani Davis and Clay, Dale and Liz!

The wonderful people at Buffalo Speedskating Club had us out to one their practices to show us the ropes. They could not have been nicer, and I'm sure they were plenty entertained by our attempt into their very unique sport!

I've always known that speedskating was no walk in the park, but we all now have a greater appreciation for everyone involved! So how do we compare to Apolo and Shani? Take a look:

I think we have a shot at the next Olympics!

Want to learn more about Buffalo Speedskating Club? Visit their websiteFacebook or Twitter!

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