When Dale discovered a Nike skateboarding commercial was shot in Buffalo's Central Terminal, he commented that it looked pretty run down and dirty. That's when Brian Dadswell from the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation reached out and invited us to come take a look at the progress that is being made in efforts to restore the building.

We were amazed at what we saw when we visited. The history and architecture alone are enough to take in, but to learn the history of the building and how much it has gone through was an eye opener. We were able to capture some shots from our visit for your viewing pleasure!

They were kind enough to let Dale film his own shoe commercial. Just in case you haven't seen the original, take a look:

Now, enjoy Dale's version:

I mean, I would buy those shoes!

Brian joined us in the studio to share more information about the Central Terminal, how you can be a part of a tour and how you or your business can help with the restoration process.

If you would like to learn more information about volunteering or tours, visit their website (under construction) or Facebook page!

He also left us some tickets to give away for tours in 2014. So sign up below for a chance to win tickets to tour the Central Terminal!

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