I've always been a fan of Tyrod Taylor's.  There, I said it.  But, he seems to have always had his doubters.  This week, we will get to see if a different quarterback can make the difference.

The Bills are taking on the Los Angeles Chargers this week.  Despite starting out at 5-2 (something that almost no one would have picked to happen) the Bills have gotten blown out the last two weeks.

Of course, that gets people screaming for a change.  This week they're getting it.

Coach Sean McDermott has announced that he is going to start rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman over Tyrod Taylor.

Peterman certainly looked much better on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints by taking one of his two drives straight to the end zone, something Taylor wasn't able to do all day.

I would argue that the quarterback certainly wasn't the only problem on Sunday.  I would argue that he wasn't even the biggest problem.  When the other team doesn't punt at all...something is wrong.

But, could you argue that the defense was stuck on the field because the offense didn't get many first downs?  Sure you could.

We will see if the switch makes a difference this Sunday.  The Bills take on the Chargers in L.A. on Sunday afternoon.  Like I said, I like Tyrod.  He's exciting to watch.  But I'll take any QB that will give us that 'W.'

Here's to hoping for a better result this Sunday.

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