This is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. I have volunteered over the past few years a bunch with the Buffalo City Mission and the amount of people that they help in the Western New York community is impressive as it is humbling.

Today, the Buffalo City Mission will kick off its 5th annual Mission Possible Food Drive Challenge. The idea is to get young people in the Western New York area to better understand the struggle individuals and families face who are touched by poverty, hunger and homelessness.

Teams will sign up and then develop and execute their plan to meet their goal and have a friendly competition. The team that raises the most, wins the competition.

The Mission Possible Food Drive Challenge represents the very best of how younger generations can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others,” said Aubrey Calhoun, Associate Executive Director at the Buffalo City Mission. “This year’s virtual competition is a testament to the inspiring resolve and creativity that we have in finding ways to help the poor and homeless in our community. We look forward to seeing how our region’s schools, church youth groups and other youth programs rise to the challenge", according to WGRZ.

You can actually watch the live scoreboard here. The competition will last 10 weeks--until December 18.

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