As things stand, the wildfires ripping through California are the deadliest and most destructive that the state has ever seen. Per NBC News, as of this morning, the state-wide death toll is up to 50, with 48 people perishing in the largest of the fires (the so-called "Camp Fire").

It can be hard to imagine what that kind of devastation looks like here in Buffalo--sure we have plenty of snow and cold, but nothing as destructive as a wildfire. Turns out, we may even be able to smell the smoke from those fires all the way in Western New York:

NBC News has created an interactive map that allows you to see what each of the three fires raging across the West would look like in your own area. Seeing the size of these fires on a local scale is absolutely staggering. The smallest fire would still devastate most of downtown Buffalo:

Hill Fire In Comparison to Buffalo, NY (NBC)

The Woolsey Fire would annihilate the city, most of the northtowns and even stretch into Canada:

Woolsey Fire In Comparison to Buffalo, NY (NBC)

The largest fire would blanket our entire area, obliterating everything from North Tonawanda, out to Clarence, all of Fort Erie and down towards Hamburg.

Camp Fire In Comparison to Buffalo, NY (NBC)

Firefighters currently believe that these blazes won't be contained until the end of November, so there's still a long way to go for our countrymen out west.