...well, kinda.

But, it is pretty dang close. I'm going to try to paint the picture for you. You walk in the doors and there are just chocolate everything everywhere, all over the place. From chocolate wines, to chocolate covered-popcorn, to chocolate apples and chocolate beer to chocolate on sticks to chocolate fountains...the Chocolate Affair literally has it all (and now that I think about it maybe I should dress up as Willy Wonka for this year's).

It's downtown Buffalo at the Hyatt, Thursday, January 30, 6:30 p.m.-9 p.m. -- but VIP ticketholders are invited to enter an hour early, at 5:30 p. and it's totally worth it to do VIP especially, because you get a $25 gift certificate for EB Greens Steakhouse (one of the best in Buffalo on top of it)