Within the next few weeks, the switch will be flipped to on for the new cashless toll system that will be on the New York State Thruway!

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The reports indicate that the construction at the exits is nearly completed and there will be no more booths to slow you down.

Sensors have been placed above the road that will read a driver's E-ZPass or license plate so they can be charged the correct amount. Governor Cuomo has already said current toll prices will remain the same through at least 2022 for New York drivers.

Before the end of 2020, the New York State Thruway will be all cashless. You will simply keep moving and the sensors will charge your vehicle accordingly. This is great news for those of us who travel the Thruway every week. My only concern is that the machines work properly and don't overcharge. I also question what will happen if we have a trailer attached?

I recall the days of the coin baskets at the toll booth. You would simply pull up and roll down the driver's side window and toss your coins in to the basket. One evening, on my way to downtown, I only had pennies and had to wait for the toll collector to count out my $.50 in change before I got the greenlight to pull ahead.

Technology will make the days of waiting in line for out of state cars and truck to pay the tolls a thing of the past. No more waiting for the ticket from the toll collector!

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