You never know what you’re going to see when you’re driving on the Thruway near Buffalo or Rochester. This pick up truck that I saw on Tuesday afternoon is either has the coolest or the strangest truck accessory I’ve ever seen. At first I was wondering if this was a truck that was hauling some sort of addition to a roof or a small A-frame house, but after looking at the picture a few times it seems as though this is in addition to the pick up truck bed!

One of my friends growing up had a camper attached to the back of his dad‘s truck. Not the kind that you told the guy that sits on the bed of the truck and part of it goes over the cab of the truck as well. It’s basically a home on wheels!

There are so many interesting things that you can have attached to your pick up truck these days, but a mini A-frame house is something I’ve never seen before. Imagine pulling up to the next Buffalo Bills home game and tailgating beforehand with your friends and this parks next to you. It may not be as cool as some of the RVs that you see all decked out in gear to support the Buffalo Bills, but it definitely makes for a good icebreaker and conversation piece.

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